Why do cats love boxes?


If you are a cat lover, you know just how much cats love boxes. Have you ever bought your cat the most amazing cat toy only to find that your cat actually loves the cardboard box that the cat toy came in more than the amazing cat toy itself? Most cat owners are all too familiar with this scenario and they often have not just one, but several hilarious stories about their cat’s box loving shenanigans. Simply typing the two words ‘cat boxes’ into Google reveals this wonderful world of cats and their silly obsession with boxes as you are instantly bombarded by thousands of adorable images of cats playing and lying in, on and around all sorts of different boxes.

So, why is it exactly that cats love boxes so much? The reasoning behind this bizarre cat fascination isn’t entirely clear to researchers however there are some pretty insightful theories out there that try to explain this unbelievably adorable cat behavior. Here are just a few of the most note-worthy ideas that we found this week:

Boxes are excellent hunting outposts

Perhaps the most widely accepted theory behind why cats love boxes so much is that they are excellent places for cats to perch while they stalk their prey. Boxes are excellent hiding places and they are present cats with the perfect vantage point for hunting. Whether it is for playfully swatting at the heels of an oblivious cat owner or surprising their prey, boxes fulfill a cat’s basic instinct to hunt and hide.

Boxes are safe, comforting and secure

Tight and enclosed spaces are very comforting for cats. According to a wired.com article that was referred to earlier on this blog, “the first reaction of nearly all cats to a stressful situation is to withdraw and hide.” Cats seek out dark dens and caves in which to sleep because instinctively, that is where they feel the safest. Boxes make cats feel like they are hidden and therefore they are the preferred places for cats to retreat to especially when they are confronted with an anxious or stressful event. Boxes are comfortable places where cats can feel relaxed, at ease and sleep the day away. 

Curiosity killed the cat?

Cats are naturally curious animals. In order to survive in the wild, they need to memorize every square inch of their territory. They need to know where are the best places from which to hunt their prey and they need to know where are the best places to hide if they need to quickly get away from other threatening animals. For every day house cats, your house is its home and its territory. Anything new that you introduce to its territory must be fully explored and understood. Boxes are particularly interesting additions to a cat’s territory because they offer so many hunting and hiding advantages that once introduced, a cat simply can’t keep its paws off and must sniff, paw at and explore this new and amazing addition with all of its infinite potential. 

Boxes make cats scratch happy

Cats love to scratch. Not only does it sharpen their claws but scratching is also the way by which cats mark their territory. Cats have tiny glands in their paws that actually leave behind a little scent when they scratch at trees, couches or anything else around your house. Some people believe that cats love boxes because the material that boxes are made of match some of their favorite scratching materials in the wild. For example, cardboard boxes may feel like the bark of a tree to cats. Carpet covered boxes or scratching posts might also feel like soft tree bark that allows cats to really dig in and get a good stretch. 


Whatever the reason, one thing is 100% sure… cats love boxes. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there now and get your cat a box to play with today!! If you are looking for something more than just a cardboard box, cat loving animal owners can now purchase sleek and stylish cat boxes for their pets. Just released earlier this year, the ‘Cat Love Box’ is a modular cat box that is designed for your cat with your home in mind. Available in an array of fashionable designs, the ‘Cat Love Box’ can be purchased individually or in 2 or 4 pack stackable sets.  These wonderful ‘Cat Love Boxes’ double as sturdy play zones for your cats and they make a wonderful addition to your home and feline routine. 


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